Time Series Analytics Europe

Life is there to be enjoyed... The model is here to do the work.

For institutional and accredited investors only

It is our goal to provide our clients with clear and unambiguous trading advice through our automated systematic approach. Although regarded as the cornerstone of creation, men is susceptible to emotions that cloud his/her rationale and judgement. 

Using a systematic, mathematical based approach, we eliminate all human input and let the models do the work, from datacollection, analysis, trade recommendation and trade execution (if so desired).

People, investors, .. using our services need to look at the longer term picture while analizing the performance of the TSA-Europe system. Draw downs are part of trading and are unavoidable.

Ultimately, the investors are in control of their capital. TSA-Europe is NOT a money management company. TSA-Europe assists accredited and institutional investors in their quest the higher risk adjusted returns.





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