Time Series Analytics Europe

Life is there to be enjoyed... The model is here to do the work.

About us

TSA-Europe has been founded by Marc Verleysen in 2005.

Marc, born in 1960 in the lovely city of Aalst (Flanders, Belgium) is a Master in Applied Economics - Corporate Management - at the Brussels University EHSAL where he graduated in 1985, combining a full time job with university.

In TSA-Europe, Marc has put together 20 years of trading experience, technical analysis skills and some behavioural finance rules and turned it into a model that is capable of capturing trends, avoiding consolidation phases and yet profit from short term moves.

In his career, Marc has been working with the following financial institutions

His main focus has been Foreign Exchange markets as a Spot trader or as a proprietary trader.

He acquired a sound notion of derivatives on several markets (FX, futures on stock indices, ..)

Marc has been involved in technical analysis since the early eighties when he was an early adopter of computerized technical analysis and later on he developed some proprietary indicators that form the basis of the models.

However, after having witnessed several professionals fail miserably because they got too emotionally involved, it had been decided that any trading strategy needed to take emotions out of the equation and systematic trading without any human intervention is the way forward.